Chocolate Tofu Protein Pie


Macros :

Ready in 20 minutes
Makes 8 servings
278 calories
26 protein/14 carbs(8 net) / 13 fat

Ingredients :

● ½ cup Almond flour
● 1 cup coconut flour
● 45 g coconut oil melted
● ¼-½ cup unsweetened cashew milk
● Mre Lite S’mores or Oatmeal chocolate
chip or your other favorite vegan protein
● 2 packages extra firm tofu drained
● Lily’s chocolate chips 14g
● 2 tbls Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Preparation :

1. Combine first 3 ingredients in a bowl
and mix with a fork until mixed well.
Add the cashew milk until it forms a
slightly doughy consistency. May need
less or more. Then press into a pie pan to
form a no bake crust. Refrigerate while
mixing pie mix.
2. Place the tofu, protein, and cocoa
powder in a blender or food processor.
Mix until smooth.
3. Pour the tofu batter into the pie mixture
and place in the fridge until the pie sets.
Approximately 4 hours or overnight.
4. Take the pie out and top with the
chocolate chips and drizzle with
chocolate syrup.

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